Meet Our Cast

Kayla Black
Museum Director

I started with Old Town Trolley in January of 2013 and the rest has been… history! Since starting I’ve done everything from drive trolleys, train CASTmembers, write scripts, and now I’ve been given the opportunity to manage the first attraction in Savannah – the American Prohibition Museum. Old Town Trolley and Historic Tours of America have been great to me and I continue to enjoy my job and CASTmates.
Justin Kent
Assistant Museum Director

I was born in Michigan, raised in Indiana, and I came to Savannah to escape the snow and cold. I’ve carved out a very happy life here with my wife and son. After working in the tourism industry for 7+ years, I finally found the perfect fit at the American Prohibition Museum. When I’m not at the museum or spending time with my family, I’m finding ways to perform in community theater!
Juliana Sims
Associate Director

I’m originally from Navarre, Florida. I just recently moved here to Savannah after graduating with my masters in Public History from the University of West Florida. I live with my two college friends from Florida and have a cat named Walter. I love traveling and going to concerts. I’m horrible at rollerskating but keep trying. I love hiking and going to the beach, and pretty much anything to get me out of the house.
Jason “B’Lake” Graham
Bar Manager

I grew up in La Fargeville, New York, before moving to Savannah many years later. When I heard the American Prohibition Museum was putting a bar in their museum, I knew it was the job for me. I was thrilled to join the team as the Bar Manager of Congress Street Up. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending my time reading. I also love going on long walks around the city with my dog Illy.
Travis Spangenburg
Creative and Production Manager

I grew up in Hamburg, NJ with my mom, dad, brother and sister. My childhood consisted of playing in nature and hungrily learning everything I could about history and the world around me. We are a family of travelers. When I’m not spending time on the floor of the museum, you can find me on various Savannah stages. I act and direct for Savannah Shakes and I am a player in The Odd Lot Improv Troupe. I also dabble in productions with other companies when I can find the time!
jordan broam
Jordan Broam
Groups and Events Coordinator

I am originally from Enterprise, Alabama. I am the product of a military family, having moved 23 times, but I have chosen Savannah as my home. I play, coach and follow soccer in my free time. I have a Boxer named Molly who accompanies me everywhere, rain or shine. I enjoy traveling and all the food, drinks, and experiences that come with it. Jason taught me how to bartend in 2014 and we’ve been friends ever since.
Paul Rabe
Head Bartender

My mother and father immigrated to the US in 1970. They raised me and my two sisters in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. My oldest sister moved to Hilton Head in 1996. I followed in 2003. I have a wife and child. All of the people listed above are cooler, stronger, and meaner than me. I am however the best looking in the group. When I’m not working, I spend my free time thinking about how I should be working. I joined the American Prohibition Museum when I met Jason and saw how happy it made him.

I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. I grew up with my older brother, Keaton, and raised by my parents, Cory and Randy. I moved to Savannah to attend SCAD’s jewelry program in 2018. When I’m not working, I love to walk my furry four-legged wolf, Milo. I also love to draw, paint, and make jewelry in my free time. I started working for American Prohibition Museum when I met Jason, through a mutual friend, and he brought me over.

I’m originally from Savannah, Georgia. I’m the youngest of three and grew up in a military family. I’m a hard-working individual, a self-starter, and creative behind the bar. In my free time, I enjoy competing in powerlifting. I decided to join the Prohibition Museum team because I wanted a fresh start that would also help expand my knowledge.

I’m kind of a big guy with a big bushy beard. At ten years old I left New York for Georgia with my family, where we’ve all been living ever since. Now, I’m happily married to a great wife and little cat. I like to spend my free time playing video games and working on my art. I wanted to work in the museum industry and the American Prohibition Museum provided a great opportunity.

I am humble and grateful for being alive and well. My mom and sister are currently in Florida and I’m looking forward to reuniting with them soon in Savannah. I am the Executive Artistic Director of the Performing Arts Collective Savannah and look forward to doing great things in the area.

I love all things art related. I’m an avid gamer and love watching movies of all genres. I’m also a dog mom!

I’m originally from Savannah, Georgia. I’m honestly just a goofball, not much to say other than I’m a mystery so stay tuned. Everyday is a new Bobby. I love playing any game (sports, video, board, car), play saxophone and love bartending.
Disney Faircloth Sales Representative
Sales Representative

I’m from Miami, Florida. I was born and raised in Miami and moved to Savannah November 2012. I married my wonderful husband May 2021. I love watching true crime, Bob Ross & the Kardashians. I like to share my love of history with others.
Door Host/Bartender

I was born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico. I spent most of my days drawing, going to beaches, hangin’ with my friends and two cats. I worked as a caricaturist for weddings, birthday parties, exhibitions, and events. I decided to pursue art as a career with led me here to Savannah to study illustration at SCAD. I’m currently a senior graduating this summer. I love drawing and anything art related, the beach, running, a good book, watches, White Russians, rats, candy, cake, and anything that is sweet. I’ve always loved the downtown Savannah bar scene and luckily, my friend Bobby told me about a position available here so I took that opportunity.
Docent/Manager on Duty

I am originally from Snellville, GA. My wife and I married and moved to Savannah in 2019. We now have two pups and very much enjoy our life in Savannah. I love anything that allows me to spend time with my wife, Lindsey, and our dogs, Artie and Greta. I also enjoy screenwriting and filmmaking. I came to work here because I have a passion for history and the City of Savannah.
Door Host

My father was raised in Spain during Franco’s last years in power. Growing up with him, he wanted me to experience all I could in life. This ended up with me and him going abroad to 13 countries and living in each briefly before returning stateside for school. As far as hobbies, Christian would probably tell you I like baking, being a nerd, and being around cats. He’s correct! I also am a double major in writing & linguistics and psychology while being in the gamer’s club and the boxing club. I came to work here because of Christian! I have known him since 2014 and we go way back. Pretty sure he put in a good word because he knows I bake and bring treats to work. I’m also the reason he gets called “Cupcake.”

Born in a family of four, I was the youngest and always have been the most energetic! I’ve been acting and performing quite literally for half of my life and I don’t intend to stop! I love playing tabletop games with my friends and watching stuff with them, too. I also enjoy narrative-driven video game and sandbox style ones as well. I needed a new job and saw the Museum was hiring. I looked more into the position and felt that my acting background and my love for obscure history facts would really help me get the job and it did! I’m a big fan of this company and the Museum and I can’t wait to learn even more!
bartender kienyn

I am married happily to my wife. We have a baby boy, Vincent. I also have two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. I lived in California after high school and began my mixology career as a barista at Peet’s Coffee and Tea. I enjoy playing hockey, DND, and FPS video games. I love the outdoors, hiking, fishing, and hunting small & large game. I love trying new restaurants and bars. Hanging out with my son and watching him grow and learn is truly enjoyable and fulfilling. I came to the American Prohibition Museum because of the thought and quality of their business model. The benefits and structure of the day-to-day here was very friendly and inviting.