Meet Our Cast

Justin Kent
Museum Director

I was born in Michigan, raised in Indiana, and I came to Savannah to escape the snow and cold. I’ve carved out a very happy life here with my wife and son. After working in the tourism industry for 7+ years, I finally found the perfect fit at the American Prohibition Museum. When I’m not at the museum or spending time with my family, I’m finding ways to perform in community theater!
Assistant Museum Director

Growing up in America’s Heartland in a little town called Davis, Oklahoma (population 2,753!) I really should not be in Savannah, Georgia much less have lived the life I have lived! My “cute” summertime job as a train conductor at Walt Disney World would kick off a journey that would literally take me around the world for almost 20 years! From opening theme parks to 7 parades, 3 fireworks shows, I landed on my feet here in Savannah Georgia. Since being here for the last 10 years to quote Sinatra: “I’ve been a puppet, a piper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king. I’ve been up and down and over and out…” You get the picture! Getting to be a part of the American Prohibition Museum is a wonderful opportunity to carry on my song of life! I look forward to working with in this great journey of being the Nation’s Storyteller!
emma fenton
Emma Fenton
Associate Director

I am from Bradenton, FL and moved to St. Augustine for college. I graduated from Flagler College in 2022 with a degree in Art History. I moved to Savannah for fun and new experiences! I love anything artistic. One of my favorite things to do is draw in Forsyth Park with my friends. I also love traveling and being outdoors or snuggling up with my cat. I love museums and the American Prohibition Museum seemed like a very fun place to work.
Karissa Bar Manager
Karissa Bednarz
Bar Manager

I grew up in an immigrant household and am very, very close with my family! We celebrate many Polish and Irish traditions still. I have three siblings and we are all best friends. I mostly love baking, but I enjoy creativity of any kind. I do a lot of art, cooking, and traveling. It’s my goal to go to every national park in the U.S. and as many countries as possible! I moved here from Rhode Island and as a huge nerd/bartender, the American Prohibition Museum seemed like a great fit. I always love to learn so this has been so perfect! I’m excited for opportunities to keep growing here.
Travis Spangenburg
Creative and Production Manager

I’m a New Jersey native who’s been living in Savannah since coming down in 2010 for school and falling in love with the Hostess City. I live with my wonderful partner, Hannah, and our dog, a rambunctious and loveable goblin named Pippa. There are two places I’m always trying to get back to: the stage and out in nature. You can find me on various Savannah stages, specializing in Shakespeare but always down for any great story. If I can climb a mountain or splash around in a river or catch a sight of a cool bird, I’m a happy guy. Another big passion that’s fueled my career with Old Town Trolley is my love of travel. I’m always looking forward to the next big adventure with the best views, food, and people I can find. When guests come to Savannah looking for the same, I’m proud to be part of making that happen.
lizzie clanton
Lizzie Clanton

Groups and Events Coordinator

I was born and raised in Savannah, GA. I have three degrees in English & Education and I taught in public schools for eight years prior to entering the tourism industry. I have three cats, all of which are named after Addams Family characters. In addition to cats, I also love books, cheese, dry, white wines, shopping, and spooky things. I originally was interested in applying to be a paranormal investigator with the Ghost Hunters of Savannah attraction because I love spooky things, but when offered the opportunity to be part of the team at the American Prohibition Museum, it all sounded so fun and I said, “Sure!”
photo of chandler
Lead Actor

I am originally from Snellville, GA. My wife and I married and moved to Savannah in 2019. We now have two pups and very much enjoy our life in Savannah. I love anything that allows me to spend time with my wife, Lindsey, and our dogs, Artie and Greta. I also enjoy screenwriting and filmmaking. I came to work here because I have a passion for history and the City of Savannah.
photo of adam
Manager on Duty/Collections

I’m kind of a big guy with a big bushy beard. At ten years old I left New York for Georgia with my family, where we’ve all been living ever since. Now, I’m happily married to a great wife and little cat. I like to spend my free time playing video games and working on my art. I wanted to work in the museum industry and the American Prohibition Museum provided a great opportunity.
photo of anysia
Docent/Manager on Duty

I love all things art related. I’m an avid gamer and I love watching movies of all genres (horror and animation are my favorites.) I’m also a dog mom! I love sculpting, painting, drawing, and reading. I also like horror movies, playing video games, and working art. I came here because I love being able to provide information to the public in an “easygoing” environment.
Docent/Manager on Duty

I come from a very tight knit family of varying interests and hobbies, but we are all travelers and explorers at heart. We are weird but, hey, being normal is boring. I’m deep into genealogy and family history obsession. Anytime I get free time, I’m either browsing, analyzing a document, or planning a research trip. I’ve always been a history geek so becoming interested in my own family history was inevitable. After a rough year, I was looking to return to the Savannah area. I happened to open a job portal on my phone and the docent position was the first listing. A few weeks later, I was looking for apartments!
ryan wilkinson
Sales Representative

I was born and raised in Pensacola, FL. I finally decided to move from my hometown to Savannah in 2022 to be with my girlfriend. In my spare time, I play video games, watch Vikings football, and go out with friends. I go on many weekend trips with my girlfriend if we get off work together.
rebecca flood photo

I’ve grown up in Savannah nearly my whole life. Being raised by two Yankees in the South has been quite the experience and it has led me to be someone who desires connection to others, is hard-working, and a bit fiery. I enjoy photography, reading, and baking. I can often be found enjoying my hobbies alongside friends and family. My mother is a history teacher and growing up here, the city was my and my brother’s classroom. Old Town Trolley played a big part in my personal education and love for Savannah’s rich history.
tierney norden

I studied Media Production at Emerson College in Boston. I love sketch comedy and television. I’ve lived in Savannah for more than two years and I love my orange cat, Morrison. I have a big record collection. I also craft, paint, and collage. I enjoy walking in downtown Savannah—love the parks and squares. I also like video games, especially Pokémon! I am a history buff and grew up in my dad’s NY historical tavern, loved living in Boston, and I am now enjoying historic Savannah!
Jackson Nesbitt

I graduated from Georgia Southern University. I’ve just moved back to Savannah after living here previously. I’m big into video games and playing guitar. Recently, I’ve gotten into riding motorcycles and I played lacrosse in high school and college. I fell in love with the atmosphere and hospitality of the speakeasy in the museum and it seemed like a fantastic place to work.
 Isabella Owens

I come from a small family with a lot of animals. We’re big football fans and grew up tailgating at UGA football games. I have one fur baby at home, my cat, Valona. I love watching and making TikToks with my cat, horror movies, beach volleyball, and going to wine tastings. Trivia nights are the ideal Wednesday evening. I came here because I was looking to work in the museum industry, particularly in design and curation.
Blake Simmerman

I’ve been in Georgia for three years now and I moved to Savannah in July 2022 to live with my partner and our dog. I’m very passionate about crafting cocktails and identify as a professional bartender. I also enjoy sewing, playing video games, and Dungeons & Dragons. I really enjoy meeting all the people from out of town. Sharing in the tourists’ experience is very gratifying and I decided the American Prohibition Museum would be a good place to bring the history of Savannah to life.
Kaylen Griesy
Sales Representative

I’m from Minnesota, born and raised. I moved to Georgia in September. I have one dog and live with my family. I have an associate degree in business. I enjoy playing with my dog, going to the movies, and trying new restaurants. I love traveling and seeing new things. I came here because I wanted to learn more about Savannah.
Katie Moreno
Sales Representative

I am a mom of two boys and three cats. I was born in Germany and moved around quite a bit with the military. I lived in Missouri for the past 11 years. Living there, you had to make your own fun so kayaking or floating down the river definitely became favorite hobbies. Twice a year, my son and I take trips on cruise ships and travel the world by sea. I worked as a bartender for 10 years in Missouri. My family slowly started moving to Georgia and I followed suit. Tourism seemed to be the thing down here and I am so excited to join the Trolley Team. Ready for this new chapter!