New Tasting Classes! Join us Tues. at 7pm for Whiskey Tastings > & Thurs. at 7pm for Tequila Tastings >.
Agave plant on Congress Street Up bar

Tequila Tasting Classes


Journey through the history of agave and premium Tequila
Grab a glass of giggle water and meet us at our Zagat rated “Hottest Bars” Congress Street Up Speakeasy for a swingin’ new Tequila Tasting Class. Uncover all the hidden secrets of the agave plant and how it’s used to distill and label the finest Tequila and Mezcal. Learn how to savor the smoky, spicy, and citrusy flavors of 6 different liquors. A sip of spirit, a chaser of sangrita (a traditional Mexican non-alcoholic accompaniment served to highlight tequila’s crisp acidity and cleanse the palate), and thoughtful education come together to create a great experience you’ll never forget. No password needed to enter this juice joint, but reservations are required with classes limited to 10 people.
2 Hour Tequila Class
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Classes are held every Thursday at 7pm (please arrive 10 minutes prior to class time).

Questions or Reservations: (912) 999-2315

Class Highlights:

  • Participate in an Educational and Exciting Tequila Tasting Class
  • Taste and Learn Differences Between 6 Different Agave Liquors
  • Learn Techniques to Properly Taste and Enjoy Tequila
6 different tequilas to taste
Bartenders serving tequila in Savannah at congress street up
map of the agave origins
tasting tequila at congress street up in Savannah
congress street up tequila tasting glass

In order to provide our guests with the safest and most comfortable vacation experiences, Historic Tours of America has implemented a number of new safety measures based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and appropriate government agencies. These measures include required face coverings, reduced class sizes, and an increased focus on disinfecting and sanitation.
Must be 21 years old to attend and show a valid id upon arrival. Please use the 220 Congress Street entrance.